Puncak Rayo
Puncak Rayo

Solok is a city in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is located in the Minangkabau highlands, and it is surrounded by three rivers: Batang Lembang, Batang Gawan, and Batang Air Binguang. The city has a population of over 52,000 people, and it is the capital of Solok Regency.

The economy of Solok is based on agriculture and plantation sectors. The main commodities produced in the city include rice, corn, cassava, coffee, cocoa, rubber, coconut, and cloves. Solok is also a major rice production center in West Sumatra, and it is often called the “City of Bareh Solok” (Bareh means rice in the Minangkabau language).

Solok is a popular tourist destination, and it is home to a number of interesting attractions. These include:

Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall:

This waterfall is located in the village of Batimpo, and it is a popular spot for swimming and hiking. The waterfall is surrounded by lush rainforest, and it is a great place to escape the heat.

Pulau Belibis Natural Park:

This park is located on an island in Lake Singkarak, and it is home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, birds, and reptiles. The park is a popular spot for hiking, bird watching, and fishing.

*Rumah Gajah Maharam:

This is one of the oldest traditional Minangkabau houses in West Sumatra. The house is located in the village of Koto Baru, and it is a popular spot for tourists and photographers.

Lake Singkarak:

This lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra after Lake Toba. The lake is located at an altitude of 362.5 meters above sea level, and it is surrounded by mountains. Lake Singkarak is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and water sports.

Traditional Gadang houses:

Solok is home to a number of traditional Minangkabau houses, or “Rumah Gadang”. These houses are characterized by their distinctive shape and their intricate carvings. Some of the most famous Rumah Gadang in Solok include Rumah Gadang 20 Ruang di Sulit Air, Rumah Gadang Cupak, and Rumah Gadang Paninggahan. These houses are now used as cultural centers where various cultural activities are held.