Sumatera Island

Sumatra is an island in western Indonesia. It is the largest island that is entirely in Indonesia, and the sixth largest island in the world. Sumatra is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west, northwest, and southwest, the Strait of Malacca to the northeast, the Sunda Strait to the southeast, the Andaman Islands to the north, and the islands of Bangka and Belitung, the Karimata Strait, and the Java Sea to the east.

The island has a varied geography, with the Bukit Barisan mountains forming the backbone of the island. These mountains contain several active volcanoes, including Mount Kerinci, the highest mountain on Sumatra. The northeast sides of the island are outlying lowlands with swamps, mangrove, and complex river systems. The equator crosses the island at its center.

Sumatra has a tropical climate, hot and humid with lush tropical rainforest once dominating the landscape. However, much of the rainforest has been cleared for agriculture, including oil palm plantations.

The population of Sumatra is about 50 million people. The largest ethnic group is the Minangkabau, who are concentrated in the west of the island. Other major ethnic groups include the Acehnese, Batak, and Malay.

The culture of Sumatra is diverse, reflecting the different ethnic groups on the island. However, there are some common cultural elements, such as the Minangkabau matrilineal system, in which property is inherited through the female line.

Sumatra is a popular tourist destination, with a variety of attractions to offer visitors. These include:

* **Natural attractions:**

Sumatra is home to a number of natural attractions, including the Bukit Barisan mountains, the Kerinci Seblat National Park, Maninjau Lake, Singkarak Lake and the Danau Toba caldera lake.

* **Cultural attractions:**

Sumatra is home to a number of cultural attractions, such as the Minangkabau villages, the Batak megaliths, and the Acehnese mosques.

* **Historical attractions:**

Sumatra is home to a number of historical attractions, such as the ruins of the Srivijaya Empire and the Dutch colonial forts.

If you are looking for a tropical island with a diverse landscape, culture, and history, then Sumatra is the perfect place for you.